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Let’s Move!

Let’s Move presents movement songs, games and dances to enhance and facilitate the physical development of children 0 – 6 years old. The workshop will introduce songs and activities that will help children develop co-ordination and understand concepts such as left and right, etc.

Folk Dance for Children

Folk Dance for Children introduces traditional Folk Dances for several countries including Canada, Mexico, Israel, Scotland, and Russia. The workshop includes ways to incorporate folk dance into your cultural, physical education or music curriculum and is geared to presentation to children four to ten years old.
This workshop may be presented to children or to adults who wish to teach them to children


Fundraising: Friend and Foe
Fundraising is frequently viewed as a “necessary evil” but it can be both good and bad for a school, so it is important to set goals, think through options, choose the best methods and organize well to achieve the best results.  This workshop will inform and help prepare you for fundraising success.


Positive Discipline
Self discipline is the goal of positive discipline methods. This workshop will show you how to work with, talk to, and prepare your children to be self disciplined individuals.  Rules like “give instruction, not criticism” will help you remember the best way to handle situations which arise, as well as deal with preparing children to handle situations before they arise.  This workshop may be geared to parents or to people working with children in a school or childcare setting.


Dressing Frames 
Scrub and Polish 
Food Preparation and Cooking activities 
Thread and Fold… and on to art
Tools and Woodworking


Geography for the 3 – 6 year old


Developing Pre-Language and Math concepts 
Phonetic Beginnings 
Phonogram Phun 
Grammar Games


Math Basics
Decimal System Operations
Figures and Cubes
Math Boards
Money Matters
Fraction Factors
Peg Board math
Abacus Operations

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